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Was going to post on google but decided not to go this route. Your techs quoted 699 to fix my door opener and everything else that was operational. Seemed outrageous. I appreciate the upsell attempt but this is agregious and not good for your long term business. I ordered the broken part on Amazon for $17.95 and fixed it in 10 mins. I would have been happy to pay you $100 to fix it which would have been fair.
Marcus Holloway
A Response from: Glenn Nunez

Marcus, Thank you for your feedback. I had a discussion with your technician, and he knew you were not satisfied so he didn't charge you anything. But he also told me that your door was in an unsafe state. In particular, he told me that your springs and pulleys were worn and unsafe and needed to be replaced. In addition, he noted that the trolley on your Genie Screw Drive was worn and would need to be replaced also. I know you have elected to have no work done and have replaced the trolley yourself. Of course, this your prerogative, however, being in the business as long as we have, we would never recommend you do band-aid repair. The trolley on your motor wore out because your parts are in bad shape. They trolley you replaced will need to be replaced in short order as it will wear prematurely because the worn parts, we recommended changing, will put undue stress on the new trolley. An analogy I like to use is that if your tire is wearing unevenly because your suspension is worn and out of alignment, changing your tire, while a short-term remedy, will only mask the issue that the suspension needs to be repaired. The new tire will wear out in short order and will need to be replaced again if you ignore the suspension issues.

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